high desert queen

We took just a few glimpse of this band - around 10 minutes - and it seemed to be just the intro for a song which we didn´t want to follow and listen.

fatso jetson

Fatso Jetson is the more 60´s and proto everything influenced side-project of Mario Lalli (Yawning Man). A bunch of relaxed white and matured men were jamming along Garage Rock and Punk, some surf tunes and Protorock songs. Quite entertaining to see their beautiful looking and sounding guitars. Yes, Sean Wheeler entered the stage, did some poetry slamming thing, which was a bit too far for our and also a European state of mind.

mr bison

Generally said: we usually prefer bands whose songs start between 5 and 50 seconds. To wait 5 minutes for a change of tonality or the start of singing isn´t our cup of coffee. As a musician I appreciate the urged skills and the effort to produce a record and to write a song, If a band doesn´t grab me within 5 - 10 minutes I leave the scenery.


Since 2016, as the project Greenleaf stopped and the band Greenleaf was installed, this band is always a pillar for each festival where they were invited. No matter if they play among Punk bands or Stoner bands or Progrock bands. Their musical basement is blues and actually they put the roots of all modern music in their songs. So you can´t can´t love them. And they always have lucky fingers for a well chosen setlist throughout their musical career. Briefly said: as always a fantastic concert with a lot of Greenleaf moments like forgotten riffs, a lot of ironic in-a-between the band members. Fantastic.

valley of the sun

Ryan (voc & guitar) obviously found the perfect mix of different characters 3-4 years ago that fit perfectly with the music of Valley of the Sun. The dynamics, be it the tempo of the individual songs or the change between quiet and loud instrumental or vocal parts, make the music and every concert a special experience. The quality of the concerts does not suffer from tour stress or illness of band members; the freshness, the carefreeness and the pure joy of performing and the likeable members make a concert of Valley of the Sun a unique experience, no matter how big the stage or the number of spectators.


The Motörhead within the Sludge scene: If Kirk Windstein enters the stage, you will have the fattest riffs, the dirtiest voice and a grooving, devastating rhythm. So it was again.

mother engine

It is more than possible that My Sleeping Karma will not exist in their line-up that long anymore. Which will be very sad.

Musically, Mother Engine are the legitimate successors. The individual themes and riffs revolve precisely timed like a mantra, only to flow into another theme that repeats itself like a mantra. The whole musical construct is built up with a bit more distorted guitars and more jam, so that the Mother Engine is a bit closer to Color Haze. As the two bordering bands show, Mother Engine have taken their cues from the heavyweights of the stoner and psychedelic scene. A fantastic concert.


Messa rushed from Warszaw to Berlin for playing the Desertfest. They had to play later in the running order and for me it was already a miracle to do a soundcheck within 25 minutes for an acoustic guitar, a bouzouki, a flute, a mandolin, a saxophone, 70s keyboards and synths, a 12-string e-guitar, drums, bass and vocals. On a really small stage. (Okay the mighty, mighty Mantar  - 2 persons - were supposed to play on the big stage.)

I´m not that much into Messa. I like a few songs which I put on several playlists. But the idea, to transform a 4-headed, quite usual epic Doom band into a medieval sounding symphony orchestra was an unusual idea. This orchestral composition of the band opened the range and the potential of their songs, even on this small stage in a venue with a limited sound. It could be an idea for the future musical development of this highly talented and sympathic band.