day #1


Psychlona was one of my spotted bands because we missed them a couple of days before the festival in Munich. Most of their songs linger between "Whitewater" or "Green Machine" or combine both songs in one with a more heavy guitar tone than Kyuss. A great kick-off in this festival.


Might mesmerized the audience with a hidden drummer, a jazzy female voice, trippy and heavy psych sounds. For us a bit hard to stand. So we went to see Church of Misery in the Columbiahalle,

church of misery

Church of Misery is one of those bands where the number of shows I've been to is greater than the number of songs I like. And it´s always the same during a COM gig: I like them more on stage than on CD and I don´t care about the name of the songs, I care how Tatsu Mukami is able to play his Rickenbastard and the tight and humble drumming of Eric Little. It is always impressing to watch them on stage.


No festival without a Greek band. Godsleep from Athens had a lot of issues with their van before the festival. And so this festival was made to let off steam. Godsleep blended 90´s Grunge with Stoner and a pinch of Punk, offered by Scarlett Johanson (vocals & guitar) on Speed with a fantastic band in the back. We stayed for around 30 minutes to enjoy this band, we were banging and dancing at the same time, before we left for Dozer. 


Dozer has to play shows and more shows to bring themselves into this unstoppable machine mode they owned before 2009 and during their reunion shows in 2014 and 2015. The good chemistry between the members was perceptible so it didn´t matter that Freddy lost his voice and sometimes the timing wasn´t that tight. Anyway: it´s a long way back to regain the confidence on stage: By the way: the new songs were pure killer tracks.


Kanaan were one of the first bands to send me some promo stuff when I started Heavystoned in 2017. Now, to see them for the first time on stage, it made me a kind of family feeling, to see a young band, doing fantastic music with elements of Space Rock, Heavy Psych and Blues.


Without their gnome and dwarves hats, this band would be just a fantastic, semi-instrumental band from Antwerp. With their hats, they are Gnome and gnomtastisch.

the great machine

You might this band call crazy, but they aren´t; you might them call "musically limited", but they aren´t; you might them call a show band, but they aren´t. The Great Machine is a real and authentic artistic band holding up the mirror to you. The music and the performance is far more than just hardcore, sludge or stoner, it's the only way to express yourself in a country that silences other opinions and silences others peoples to dead. The traditional session in the midst of the audience is, in a figurative sense, the planting of their world of thought in a saturated, tired and decadent Europe.

the obsessed

Finally. After a couple of tries we managed to see Wino with his band. And it was an unforgettable concert. Thanks.