Still inqusition by touching a taboo; the case Rob Miller

After having mentioned Gerard Menuhin as inspiration for Tao Cross´new record, ex-Amebix founder, vocalist and bassplayer Rob "The Baron" Miller found himself in a crossfire of international press and posts. Denying the Holocaust - like Menuhin does -  is the most draconian way to provoce people in Europa. 

So why to choose Menuhin as an inspiration for a record?

The band Amebix has been fascinaed me since 1986, when I bought their Album "Arise!" They wrote in an unusual way about unusual things, which you can read after clicking on the button below. They seemed to me being at the same time anarchists, philosophers and artists. Just take a look at their Mad Max-like outfit in 1986 or their artwork and graphical layout for all of their records.

The lyrics on their comeback record Sonic Mass in 2011 reflects subjects, with which you have to deal, when you´re getting older, like where do I come from and where will I go?

So, but where is the relation between Amebix, their lyrics and the mention of Gerard Menuhin on the booklet of the latest Tao Cross record?

Marx proclaimed in the mid 19th century as an answer to the proletarisation of the masses and the concentration of money in the hand of a few an extinction of weak classes and races, which were two steps behind his kommunistic utopia, to achieve the revolutionary state.

This part of the marxistic utopia was called Holocaust in 1976, to relate this utopia with the genocide, the nazis carried out. But the nazis killed a religious community, which they called race. In fact they killed citizens of several European countries.

The traditional social classes in the European countries remained until now, we never reached a classless society, so consequently the nazi genocide was not a holocaust in the marxistic sense. And that´s it what Menuhin denies.

For us it´s cynic to fade out the mass murder of six million people and only to look at the theoretical correctness of the Marxistic Theory. That´s why we react.

I cannot save Rob Miller from the shitstorm pouring over him. His lyrics are the key to his thoughts, which you have to follow to get an idea about why he mentioned Gerard Menuhin as an inspiration