Buster Bloodvessel (Bad Manners), PintorRock 2022

I had a short period of two years being in Ska and Reggae between 1980 and 1982. Bad Manners never were on my list; too happy, not hard and fast enough. But the people used to dance in school. So 40 years later, this band is still touring and they played at the PintorRock-Festival during their European- Tour 2022.

It was like: "Hey Buster, a friend of us has this and that record." "So, where the f**k are these records to sign?" "Not here. Doesn´t matter. Can we do a selfie?" "Yes" "You´re into WestHam?" "No, Arsenal (he was wearing an Arsenal-Shirt)" "I read 'Fever Pitch'" "Everybody read Fever Pitch" "I never liked english football. Thank you for the picture!" "F**k off!" "You f**k off too".

It was a right decision 40 years ago not to like Ska or any similar crap music.