Skull Crusher Festival 2023

Usually, I write an E-Mail for the organization team of a festival, introduce ourselves, adjoint our press cards and write about what we will do before and after a festival or a concert.

Usually I receive an answer within one or two days and the responsible says yes or no. Usually it´s a yes.

Then I start my work, check the bands, do a playlist on Spotify and check the history and the persons of the festival and write a short article and send it via E-Mail to the organization.

After the festival or concert, I publish all the taken pictures and the articles on

This festival didn´t pass the usual way.

I sent my first E-Mail on 01-31-2023 to ask if we could be accredited. After writing and receiving altogether 16 E-Mails, I. finally received the last one on 04-17-2023, with the note that there will be no accreditations this year.

So I wanted to buy two tickets and my wife had worries about this and I hesitated one week. Then I wanted to buy 2 tickets after I dispelled my wife´s doubts. And guess what? The festival was sold out. Great for them, bad for me.

Jesus Chrüsler Supercar had to cancel their whole European Tour due medical issues so there´s one reason missing to go to this festival. So I guess this story ended with a draw and I hope, a story like this will never happen again