Cultural appropriation or the death of culture

We humans have a primate brain that we use to learn and evolve through imitation. We imitate because we like what we imitate. This results in crossover, fusion, blend. This too is a further digitization of society. After the Corona pandemic, which divided society into believers and unbelievers, vaccinated and unvaccinated, or the discussion about climate change, which divided society into deniers and believers. This time in purity and impurity, in black and white, which in its consequence is racist and actually fascist and elitist, whereby the representatives of cultural appropriation make themselves fascists and racists.

Since culture is based on imitation and mixing, the entire music industry is also in danger of being brought to a standstill by this movement. Swing, Jazz, Rock'n Roll, Hip-Hop, Rap, Crossover are the best known examples. If only pure protagonists of a sexual orientation or race are allowed to play themselves, then art becomes pure self-portrayal and we are in the process of politicizing art, which communism or social realism pursued under Stalin.

And, as we know, art is dead in Russia, actually until now.

The split of the pseudo Russian band Russkaja also has two sides of a medal. The power of the victim´s side (to gain some empathy) and the business side (not to lose some money on tour).

So it could turn out to a usual rockband doing some angry white men rock. OMG. 

This ad in Metal Hammer, which has its logo in the colors of the Ukrainian flag, is the height of hypocrisy or double standards: We present you with a Russian band that is touring in Germany. This band isn't being boycotted - maybe not yet - but being real Russians, so they're not committing cultural appropriation. But the Russian government is committing genocide - also according to the opinion of the opinion makers and the conformist media and the Russians are free to travel.

What are the self-appointed moralizers supposed to do now? I have never seen the Metal Hammer use the Iraqi, Afghan, Bosnian, Armenian etc. flag in the logo. Why now? And that as a mouthpiece for an absolutely apolitical and unreflected style of music. With few exceptions like Heaven Shall Burn, Trust, Rage against the Machine, System of a Down. Oh.. these are all bands committed to cultural appropriation. They use the culture of apparently oppressed minorities like Armenian folklore, blues, funk, hip-hop, blues.

This reminds me on one of my favorite songs of my childhood. One of my favorite songs is called "A hole is in the bucket, Karl-Otto"

It's a dialogue between Henry and Karl-Otto (H&K-O)

H: There's a hole in the bucket, Karl-Otto.

K-O: Then stuff it and seal it.

H: With what, Karl-Otto?

K-O: With straw, Oh Henry.

H: The straw is too long.

K-O: Then shorten it. chop it off

H: With what, Karl-Otto?

K-O: With an axe, Oh Henry.

H: The axe is too blunt.

K-O: Then sharpen it, Oh Henry.

H: With what, Karl-Otto?

K-O: With a stone, Oh Henry.

H: The stone is too dry.

K-O: Get him wet, Oh Henry.

H: With what, Karl-Otto?

K-O: With water, Oh Henry.

H: Where to put the water, Karl-Otto?

K-O: In a bucket, oh Henry.

H: There's a hole in the bucket, Karl-Otto.

This is an artificial creation of problems that would not exist without the creators. These artificial problems only serve to keep the majority of the population busy, to keep them angry or even better to scare them, so that the masses can be easily controlled and so that the masses do not see the real problems at all, or do not deal with them deals with them.

All this happens thanks to our synchronized media landscape, which dumps pseudo-problems on the population.

This post is blending some popular opinion lines in Germany and I also was occupied by this kind of dumping opinions.