News · 22-07-2019
After having mentioned Gerard Menuhin as inspiration for Tao Cross´new Record, ex-Amebix founder, vocalist and bassplayer Rob "The Baron" Miller found himself in a crossfire of international press and posts. Denying the Holocaust - like menuhin does - is the most draconian way to provoce people in Europa. and every decision is the result of a conspiracy. Yes, it is. Some people, most of them men, sit together and decide a fate of an opponent. That is also called politics.
News · 02-03-2019
Reduced prices!!
News · 24-02-2019
Marseille is not only known for easy living; French Death Metal gods Dagoba, art Metallers ETHS and the Stoner/Heavy Rockers Rescue Ranger show that this town and their bands really rock.
News · 24-02-2019
After releasing their upcoming record on March, 29th, High Reeper will hit European roads and stages throughout spring 2019. check out the dates!!
News · 23-02-2019
Argentinian psychedelic rock trio LOS NATAS has announced a batch of album reissues with powerhouse label Argonauta Records! The band’s first and critically acclaimed debut album, Delmar, originaly released in 1998, has sold out every single copy to date. Argonauta Records is proud to reissue LOS NATAS’ pathbreaking album in a second repress, coming in exciting Vinyl editions and remastered from the original tapes, on the 28th of June 2019!
News · 06-02-2019
The year is divided in two seasons: The one before the Hellfest and the other after the Hellfest. New Year´s day is the Monday after the Hellfest. Amen.
News · 31-01-2019
Check the schedule to organise your life in 2019!!
News · 31-01-2019
Nuff said, they´ll come to your town and will blast the venue into dust.
News · 31-01-2019
Poland´s Belzebong and France´s The Necromancers will travel and destroy throughout Europe in spring. Check the dates!!
News · 31-01-2019
Spain´s finest musical export, Toundra on their next European Tour. A Must to see them still in smaller venues before they will get bigger.

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